Dice Miner

Phase 4: Replenish


The Replenish Phase prepares things for the next round. Do these four steps:

1. Cache Dice.

Each player with tool dice showing chest symbols counts the chests and may choose up to that many dice to cache for the next round.

2. Reroll Dice.

Each player rerolls all the un-cached dice in their trove. This includes the tool dice with chests that were used to cache dice.

3. Identify a New Starting Player.

The player with the fewest total points so far is the new starting player. Break ties randomly.

4. Fill the Mountain.

Using only the remaining dice (i.e., those still in the bag), scoop or pour dice onto the mountain until it’s filled the same way as during setup.

In the third round, the Replenish Phase is skipped and you move on to the end of the game.