Dice Miner

Hazard Dice


Hazard dice generally score one negative point for each cave-in or dragon they show.

For example, a player who has two hazard dice, showing one cave-in and four dragons respectively, loses five points.

However, the pickaxe and shield faces on tool dice reverse the scores of particular hazards, making them positive instead of negative. Pickaxes make cave-ins positive and shields make dragons positive.

A single pickaxe turns all cave-ins in the same trove positive, and a single shield turns all dragons in the same trove positive.

Multiple pickaxes and/or multiple shields in the same trove have a multiplying effect on the hazards they counteract. For example, a player with two pickaxes and four cave-ins scores eight points (2 × 4).

It’s possible for one type of hazard to be counteracted while hazards of the other type in the same trove remain negative. A trove containing two pickaxes, three cave-ins, no shields, and four dragons scores two points overall ([2 × 3] + [–4]).