Dice Miner

Sharing Beer


When your turn comes in the Excavation Phase and you have any dice showing Beer in your trove, you have a special option: You may choose another player, roll one of your Beer dice, and give it to that player. While rolling the die, shout out “Cheers!” That player must add the die to their trove with the new result showing.

When you begin a turn by sharing Beer, you may pick two dice from the mountain, one at a time. What’s more, each can be chosen from the “side” of the mountain. That is, you can choose a die that has dice stacked above it on one of its two top sides.

Obviously, when a die is picked from the side, the dice above it slide down to fill the hole.

You are not required to choose from the side after sharing Beer. You can also pick one or both of your dice from the top of the pile.

You may only share Beer once per turn.

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