In Everdell, you will be deploying workers to various locations on the board in order to gather resources, which you will use to play cards faceup in front of you, forming your own woodland city.

Each turn you will perform only one of three possible actions:

• Place a Worker

• Play a Card

• Prepare for Season

You may place one of your workers on any location, so long as it is not blocked by another player (unless the location allows for multiple workers). Immediately claim the listed resources or perform the action.

To play a card, you must pay the listed cost of resources. Cards may be played either from your hand, or from the area of face up cards on the board called the Meadow.

If all of your workers are deployed, you may prepare for the next season by bringing back all of your workers, gaining a new worker(s), and performing the action described for the following season.

A player is finished when they have played through the last season and cannot perform any more actions. After all players have finished, the player with the most points is the winner.