Play a Card


You may play one card. To play a card, you must pay the listed requirements into the general supply. Cards may be played from either the Meadow cards or from your hand.

You will be playing these cards in front of you to form your city. There are two types of cards in the game: Critters and Constructions. You may have multiple copies of any Common card in your city, but you may only have one specific copy of any Unique card.



You may pay the required cost in berries to play the Critter card, or if the Construction listed in the top left of the Critter card is already in your city, you may play the Critter card without paying the cost in berries.

Important: When playing a Critter for free by using the related Construction, place an “Occupied” token on the Construction. You may only do this once per Construction.

Note: The occupied token is not removed from the Construction card if the free Critter is later removed from your city.