Solo Rules: Prepare for Season


After you have performed the Prepare for Season action, Rugwort immediately performs his Prepare for Season action, which consists of these steps:

1) Check to see if he has enough of the colored cards in his city to achieve any of the four basic Events. If so, place that Event(s) in his city.

2) Take his new worker and place it on the #1 Meadow card (#2 for summer, and #3 & #4 for autumn), so by the end of the game he will have a worker on the top 4 Meadow cards. You cannot play these cards anymore, but Rugwort still can.

3) Moving counter-clockwise, move his worker to the next Forest card.

During the spring Prepare for Season action, move his worker from the 3 twigs location to the 2 resin location. During summer, move his worker to the 1 pebble location. During autumn, move his worker to the 1 berry and 1 card location.

In autumn, remove his worker from the 3rd Forest location and place it instead on the 3-point Journey space.