Dice Miner

Phase 2: Magic


In the Magic Phase players take turns, clockwise around the table, using their magic dice. The player who would have picked a die next if the mountain had not run out goes first.

When it’s your turn, you may pick one of the magic dice in your trove to spend. For each diamond-shaped magic symbol it shows, choose an unspent die in your trove. You may not choose hazard dice. Once you’ve chosen your dice, reroll them.


Then, repeat this process for each unspent magic die in your trove.

Once you’ve spent each of your magic dice, or chosen not to spend any more, the next player takes their turn. Once each player has taken their turn, move on to the Scoring Phase.

Important clarifications about magic dice include:

• If you choose to spend a given magic die, you must reroll all the dice it allows.

• You may not use magic dice to reroll other magic dice that you have already spent this round. You may, however, reroll unspent magic dice.

• Spent magic dice stay in your trove, and can be spent again in later rounds.

• Remember: you can never use magic dice to reroll hazard dice.