Sarah''s Vision

Play Directive Cards


Play Directive Cards

All players may play any number of Directive Cards from their hand. Once a Directive Card is resolved, it is placed in the discard pile next to the Directive Card Deck. If the last card in the Directive Card Deck is drawn, shuffle the Discard Pile and place it face down, forming a new Directive Card Deck.

Distributing Directive Cards

When an Event instructs players to draw and distribute Directive Cards , players should deal cards clockwise, starting with the active player, until they have distributed the number of cards indicated by the resolved Event Card.

Using Directive Cards

Directive Cards have a cost in the top right corner. To play a Directive Card, players must pull purple Resource Blocks from the Tower (and place them back on top) and/or spend A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Inspiration equal to the number shown.

Any number of Directive Cards may be played during this phase. Any player may play Directive Cards in this phase.