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Picking up Danger and Inspiration


Picking Up Danger and Inspiration

Any Danger Cubes on the same locations as a character standee are moved onto that character’s Danger Zone . If multiple characters are at the same location as Danger, the active player chooses which character’s Danger Zone the Danger is placed in.

If any location has 4 or more Danger Cubes, move them from it onto the Danger Zone(s) of any character or combination of characters (active player’s choice) until every location has 3 or less Danger Cubes on it.

Any Inspiration Cubes on the same location as a character are moved onto the Inspiration Grid in the row matching the type of location the Inspiration was placed on and in the column matching the character standee on that location. If a Location has multiple types, players choose which type of Inspiration to gain. If an Inspiration Cube is on the same space as multiple characters, players choose which character’s column those Inspiration Cubes are placed in. Characters can have an unlimited amount of any combination of inspiration on their Inspiration Grid.

At the end of this phase, all Inspiration Cubes that are not on the same location as a character are removed.