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Frequently Asked Questions

What icon is this?
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Can I play Directive Cards on phase 3 even if it's not my turn?
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How many Directive Cards can I play on a turn?
Any number
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Can I block multiple Event Cards with the block action?
Yes! You can block as many revealed Event Cards as you like. But, you have to commit yourself when taking the action for how many cards you would like to block. E.g. Manuel looks at the revealed Event Cards and 4 of the 3 revealed Event Cards have a blocking area. He decides to block two of them. For the first Event Card he needs to draw a Yellow Block (as the area to block as a Yellow border) and for the second Event Card a Green Block out of the HQ Tower. He places each Block on the matching Event Card.
What happens when there are more than 3 Danger Cubes on a Location?
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Why don't we shuffle the Event deck?
On every Event Card there is a piece of connected story (flavor text) on it. Further the Events are designed to play in order. On the bottom right of the card you will find the card code (e.g. 1.20; Scenario 1, Card 20). However, you can shuffle the cards and make the game more challenging. See also Experienced Mode in the Setup-chapter of the rules.
Can I sort the decks back into order after playing the Experienced Mode?
Sure, at the bottom right of the Event Card you will find the deck-code (e.g. 1.20, Scenario 1, card 20). Sort them in ascending order, so the lowest card is at the top of the deck (facedown).
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What is the difference between the 3 Scenarios?
There is a connected story throughout the 3 scenarios. To play the campaign, i.e. the story, play them in order: start with Scenario 1. The difficulty will increase too. Scenario 1 is easy (2 out of 3 plays should succeed) whereas Scenario 3 is difficult (less than 50% will succeed). Further, there will be new rules and different event-types introduced throughout the Scenarios.
Why are there 8 character-tiles if only 3 are needed?
This is just for thematic reason. Choose 3 of them and bond with your characters, who you will have to protect!
How can I differentiate a Story Card from an Event Card?
They come in the same scenario box but have different card backs. See also the Iconography.
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How do we win the game?
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Can I use both hands when pulling blocks from the tower?
What happens if the tower collapses?
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Can I pay my actions in some other way than pulling from the tower?