Playing with more than 6-8 players


There will be two Catchers each round. They aren't on the same team, but they both chase after Runners.

Both Catchers start in the same box.

The 1st player places their penguin first and then the 2nd player. The turns are taken in the same manner (after all the Runners have taken their turn, then the catchers take a turn).

Before the first round, shuffle together all Reminder cards and deal them around the board in a circle, this is going to be the turn order. The first two players play as the Catchers for the first round.

The round ends when one of the Runners has collected all their Fish tokens or when the Catchers have collectively taken all of the Runners' ID cards. Each Catcher scores ID cards separately.

The game ends when every player gets to be the Catcher once. (3 rounds in a 6 player game, 4 rounds in a 7 or 8 player game). The last round of a 7 player game, the 1st player will join the 7th as a Catcher, so the 1st player will play as the Catcher twice in a game.

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