The Keys are kept in the middle of the play area until obtained by players using the Magnet Object power.

Once a Key is found, it is moved to be in front of the player who has "found it". When all Keys have been found, they will all be in front of players.

AFTER all of the Keys have been found, an UNLOCK VOTE can be held at ANY TIME during the Powers Phase

If a player feels strongly that they can TRUST one person who is currently holding a Key, they may call for an Unlock Vote and NOMINATE that person to use their Key. Players should express to the group why they trust the person they are nominating. If their nomination is SECONDED by another player, meaning another player agrees with the nomination, all discussion must stop.

TAKE NOTE: Players may nominate OR second themselves (but not both) during an Unlock Vote!

After a nomination and a seconding, the Leader will say:

"On the count of three, raise your hand if you want (Player's Name) to use their Key!"

"1 - 2 - 3!"

On the count of three, everyone who trusts that player to use their Key will raise their hand. Players may always choose to vote for themselves.

If a MAJORITY of players vote to unlock, the elected player will USE their Key on the door is they're a Kid or REFUSE to if they're a Neighbor. (See: Winning the Game)

If less than a majority votes to unlock, then the game continues as normal. Ties do not count! You MUST have a majority to use a Key!

Here's a Tip! The secondary power of MAGNETS and BOXES can move the Keys, so work together to get Keys into the hands of the players you trust!

LISTEN UP! Once a Kid uses a Key and reveals their role, that player cannot get another Key. They can still trade Object cards, use Object powers and vote during the Unlock Votes.

LISTEN UP...AGAIN! At any point, after a Kid has successfully used a Key or a failed vote, any player may propose another Unlock Vote for a DIFFERENT player holding a DIFFERENT Key. If their motion is seconded, all discussion stops and the Leader counts to 3 - at which point everyone votes again.

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