During the Trading Phase, all players STAND UP and WALK AROUND to TRADE Object cards. Players discuss what they want and trade cards with one another in order to collect a set of three matching Object cards. This is a great time to glean information from other players, form alliances and get a sense of who among is truly on your side. NOTE: Players may choose to set a timer to limit this phase to two minutes.

You do NOT have to make any trades if you don't want to.

All trades must be one to one (i.e., you can't trade two cards for one).

You should attempt to get a set of 3 MATCHING cards with the same Object, even if it isn't the power you want. (It is better to have a power to use during the Power Phase than not!)

When you are finished trading, SIT DOWN. The phase ends when everyone is seated (or the timer goes off if using a timer, whichever comes first).