Each players who has a set of 3 MATCHING Object cards can use them to gain information about the other players, collect Keys or thwart players they think are on the other team.

To use and Object's power, DECLARE ALOUD which Object you want to use, show the other players your 3 matching Object cards, then discard all 3 cards. Discarded cards will be gathered back up by the Leader at the end of this phase.

Once you declare which Object you want to use, any other player with a "Lever" has 3 SECONDS to announce if they are stealing your power for themselves. Then, resolve the Object's power.

Object powers are used in the order players declare they want to use them. If two or more players declare at the same time, the final decision on who spoke first is made by the Leader.

Once the player's power has been used, anyone else may declare that they want to use their power.

See Optional Rules if your group is having trouble deciding who gets to use their power first.

Once all players who wish to use a power have done so, the Leader COLLECTS all of the Objects that were DISCARDED and asks if any player would like to discard their entire hand. The Leader SHUFFLES all of the discarded cards and DEALS them out again face-down so that each player has a hand of EXACTLY FOUR CARDS again.

If you want to DISCARD WITHOUT USING A POWER, you must discard your ENTIRE hand. If you have used a power, you can discard whatever card(s) you have left in your hand, and then RECEIVE 4 NEW CARDS.

Once everyone has four new cards, the TRADING PHASE begins again!