Schrödinger''s Cats

Rules of the Hypothesis


Each scientist’s Hypothesis must be (at least) incrementally higher than the last Scientist’s Hypothesis (except for the First Scientist who may start the bidding at any value). While bidding, Dead Cats have a higher bidding value than Alive Cats and Empty Boxes are worth double the bidding value of both Alive or Dead Cats. To help you out, we’ve included a handy LAB CLIPBOARD on which you can track the current Hypothesis and see the next possible hypothesis.

So, the incremental bidding order goes: 1 Alive Cat, 1 Dead Cat, 2 Alive Cats, 2 Dead Cats, 1 Empty Box, 3 Alive Cats... and so on (see the Clipboard). Remember, Empty Boxes are worth double the value of Alive or Dead Cats. Here’s the math:

N Empty Boxes > 2N Dead Cats > 2N Alive Cats