Schrödinger''s Cats

Frequently Asked Questions

When I skip my hypothesis what happens?
When you play a DOCTORATE that allows you to skip your hypothesis that turn the Scientist (player) to your left is forced to make the next hypothesis. Example: If Madame Purrie just made a hypothesis of 16 DEAD cats out of 25 boxes and you have a lot of DEAD cats you may decide to activate your DOCTORATE and skip your hypothesis. When you do the scientist to your left now has to make a hypothesis higher than 16 DEAD cats or call Madame Purrie’s hypothesis unfounded.
When findings are discarded does that mean they are out of the experiment?
Yes. If a DOCTORATE’s ability is to discard all findings of a type (ALIVE, DEAD, EMPTY) then all of those findings are removed from that experiment. All scientists who placed those findings on the table now only have the research boxes in their hand and the number of boxes in the experiment goes down by the number of findings eliminated.
Why would I want to show findings?
First, you may want to try to convince the scientist to your left that your hypothesis is valid by showing them some proof. Secondly, you may have a hand full of DEAD cats when everyone is making hypothesis of ALIVE cats and want to exchange your research. You could make a hypothesis of ALIVE cats, show 1 ALIVE cat and exchange one of your DEAD cats in hopes of getting another ALIVE or a HEISENBERG. Lastly, you would want to help your cause by trying to pull more of the type of card you called or HEISENBERGS.