Schrödinger''s Cats

Showing Findings


As part of their hypothesis, the Active Scientist may decide to exhibit some evidence of their research by showing face-up any number of boxes of the type stated in their Hypothesis, called SHOWING FINDINGS, to further prove that their research is valid. Since Heisenbergs always count as the current hypothesis you could choose to show Heisenbergs as FINDINGS as well as the type called. Remember, HEISENBERGS are always the current hypothesis even when they are FINDINGS!

When a scientist Shows Findings, they may discard from their remaining hand up to as many boxes as they placed face-up, and then draw the same number of new boxes from the Research Deck to replace them. Discarded boxes form a face-down Discard pile next to the Research Deck.

Findings (the face-up cards) stay on the table for the duration of that experiment. If a Scientist wants to show additional Findings on a future turn they may do so, and again may cycle some of the boxes in their hand, drawing new ones.