Never Bring a Knife

Winning, Losing, and the Next Round


After a round’s four steps are complete, if anyone has three wounds they fall and the game ends. Everyone on a fallen player’s team (that is, everyone with the same role as them) loses. Everyone on the other team wins.

To be clear, money talks before the game can end. So, a player with three wounds at the end of the Reveal phase can be healed in the Money Talks phase, and if no players are fallen after money talks, the game continues. The game only ends if someone still has three wounds after money talks.

If several players fall in the same round, the side with more fallen players loses and everyone on the other team wins. (Even fallen players can win this way!)

If the same number of players from each team fall in the same round, the boss role breaks the tie. The players on the boss’s team win, and the players on the other team lose.

If no one has fallen at the end of a round, a new round begins.

Between rounds, the deal passes to the left.

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