Never Bring a Knife

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I look at other players role cards?
During setup, you can look at the the role of the player to your left. If you have an Intel card, you can use it to look at the role card of another player.
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There's an extra card?
That's OK.
If there's an even number of players, return the final role card to the box without revealing it.
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What is the boss?
One hidden role
Deal one hidden role card face-down in the center of the table during setup. This is the boss.
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Are roles public information?
No! Keep them secret
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How many roles do I deal out?
One to each player
Shuffle together role cards based on the number of players (see "Deal Roles" section) then deal out one to each player.
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Can I heal a third wound and avoid falling?
The game only ends if someone still has three wounds after money talks.
How does the game end?
anyone has 3 wounds
After a round’s four steps are complete, if anyone has three wounds they fall and the game ends. Everyone on a fallen player’s team (that is, everyone with the same role as them) loses. Everyone on the other team wins.
Can you keep cards between rounds?
Only Money and Hits
Banked Money and banked Hits are the only cards from the deck that can persist with a player from turn to turn. (Wounds also persist, but don’t come from the deck.)
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How can I look at another player's role card?
spend 3 Money
During the Money Talks phase, three Money can be spent to look at any role card in play. (Except in 7-8 player games, it's two Money)
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How much does it cost to heal a wound?
3 Money
During the Money Talks phase, three Money can be spent to heal a wound on any player.
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What order do you resolve cards in?
as a group
It never matters what order a given stack’s cards are revealed or resolved in. They can always be resolved as a group. (Rare exception: If Crime and Hit appear to be in conflict, see “Hit Card Timing”.)
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Who reveals first?
to the dealer's left
Starting with the player to the dealer’s left, each player reveals their stack, suffering or benefitting from those cards’ effects.
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What do you do when the deck runs out?
Shuffle the discards
If the deck runs out, the discards are shuffled to form a new deck and the deal continues.
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How many cards in your hand?
The dealer deals four cards from the deck face-down to each player.
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When do I play face up?
1st card on a target
The first card on a particular target goes face-up. The second and subsequent cards on a given target are played face-down.
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When can I play a card on myself?
After the 1st round
A player can’t play their first card of the round on themself.
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How many cards can be played in front of each player?
Once a player has four cards in front of them, no more cards can be played on them.
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