• Create a puzzle deck (A) - select 15 random white puzzles and 10 random black puzzles. Place the white puzzle on top of the black puzzles (all face down).

• Place 9 puzzles from the top of the puzzle deck face up and arrange them in a 3x3 grid (B). You and your opponent will take puzzles from this area.

• Create a reserve of all the pieces.

• Take four level-1 pieces from the reserve and place one above the 1st and 3rd columns and two above the 2nd column of the puzzle grid (C). The pieces represent locks on the columns, preventing the opponent from taking puzzles out of them.

• Place 6, 3, or 0 level-1 pieces in the opponent's supply (D) for standard, challenging, or unbeatable difficulty.

• Take a level-1 piece and a level-2 piece to start with.

Your setup shoud now look like this.