Project L

Gameplay - The Opponent's Turn


The opponent always takes one puzzle during their turn and places it in their victory point pile (E) as if they have completed it.

• They can't take puzzles from the locked columns (those with at least one piece above them).

• They always take the puzzle with the most points on it. If there are more puzzles tied for the highest amount of points, the opponent takes the first one according to the picture on the right. (F)

After the opponent takes a puzzle:

• Move pieces above the column the opponent took the puzzle from:

• All pieces in the opponent's supply; (G)

• One piece from above the other columns in the puzzle grid (if you can). (H)

• Replace the puzzle the opponent took with a new one from the puzzle deck.

If the opponent can't take a puzzle because all three columns are locked, remove one piece from above each of the three columns and return it into the reserve (not in the opponent's supply).

Then it's your turn again.