Project L

Frequently Asked Questions

Ran out of reward pieces, what should we do?
Whenever you should be able to take a piece and that specific piece is not in the supply, you take another piece of the same level according to your choice. When there are no pieces of the same level available, you take a piece (your choice) that is one level higher. This applies to upgrading pieces, getting pieces as rewards for completing puzzles, and also for taking new level-1 pieces.
What level is my piece?
You can check the diagram on your Player Mat for a quick reference of every piece's level. Each piece consists of at least one little square (1x1). The level of a piece is determined by the number of 1x1 squares the piece consists of.
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What's the difference between white and black puzzles?
Puzzles with white backs are easier to complete, but you gain less victory points for them. Puzzles with black backs are more difficult to complete, but you gain more victory points for them. When the black puzzle deck runs out, the endgame triggers.
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Do I need to use the Player Mats?
No, it just gives you a dedicated space where you can put your unfinished/finished puzzles and pieces. Also it gives you a reminder what can you do throughout the turn.
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How do I setup the game?
Follow the setup.
To setup the game you first need to set the table. First determine the number of players in the game and then shuffle together all black puzzles and then take out a number of black puzzles according to the number of players in the game. After that shuffle all the white puzzles. Now deal 4 puzzles from each pile of puzzles, keep everything in all players reach, give every player a level-1 and level-2 piece, and you can start the game.
How many white puzzles should I use?
White puzzle deck contains all of the white puzzles in the game.
How many black puzzles for 1 player?
Use the solo variant
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How many black puzzles for 2 player?
How many black puzzles for 3 player?
How many black puzzles for 4 player?
How many black puzzles for 5 player?
How many black puzzles for 6 player?
We encourage you to try the Line Clear variant, which reduces downtime.
Do players start with anything?
Level-1 and Level-2
Yes, all players start with a one level-1 piece and one level-2 piece.
How can I place a piece on a puzzle?
Use a piece from your supply and put it inside the puzzle. The pieces cannot overlap with each other and they cannnot stick out of the recessed area.
Can I rotate and/or flip a piece?
Yes, if you are currently placing a piece in any way. You cannot change a piece you placed in one of your previes actions in any way.
Can I take my piece back?
You get all of your pieces back from a puzzle once you complete it.
Can I move a piece from one puzzle to another?
How do I upgrade a piece?
For each 'Upgrade a piece' action you do, you increase (or decrease) a level of a piece from your supply.
Which piece do I take during the Upgrade action?
If a level has more types of pieces, it is up to you to choose which one do you take.
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Can I take a level-1 piece with an Upgrade action?
Can I take a new piece from the reserve?
You have to do the 'Take a level-1 piece' action to take a level-1 piece from the reserve.
I don't have any more pieces (all of them are on puzzles), what should I do?
Focus on recovering your pieces from puzzles in front of you.
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How many puzzles can I have in front of me?
Do you refill the puzzle row?
Yes, you refil the puzzle row immediately after taking a puzzle from it.
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What happens if white puzzle deck runs out?
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What happens if a black puzzle deck runs out?
The endgame begins - you finish the current round and then play one more last round. After that do the Finishing Touches and Final scoring.
Do I have to put a piece on every puzzle during Master Action?
You put up to one piece on each puzzle, that means you decide whether you put a piece on it or not.
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Can I take a piece from another puzzle with Master Action?
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Can I use a piece I get as a reward from a puzzle during a Master Action?
All of the pieces used in Master Action have to be in your supply before you use it.
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How many times can I use the Master Action?
Once per turn.
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How do I complete a puzzle?
Fill it.
You complete a puzzle if you fill its recessed area with pieces. You cannot overlap pieces.
What do I get for completing a puzzle?
Points, reward
Firstly, you get all of the pieces you used on the puzzle back into your supply. Then add the puzzle into your completed puzzles pile to get points for it at the end and also get the reward (which could be a piece, or something more special).
When does the game end?
Once the black puzzle deck runs out, you start the end game phase. Finish the current round -> play one more round -> do the finishing touches -> count up the points.
What happens with unfinished puzzles after the game ends?
You have an option to do Finishing Touches.
How do Finishing Touches work?
You can use pieces from your supply to complete unfinished puzzles in front of you. For each piece you use this way deduce one point from your final score.
Do I get negative points for unfinished puzzles?
How do I win the game?
By having the most points from completing puzzles.
What happens if there is a tie?
The player with more completed puzzles wins. If there is still tie, the player with more pieces wins. If there is still a tie, all tied players win.
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[Ghost Piece Expansion] What are level-5 pieces?
Level-5 pieces are Ghost Pieces included in the Ghost Piece expansion.
[Ghost Piece Expansion] What are Ghost Pieces?
It is a special type of piece (level-5) which you can use normally as any other piece, or you can do a special Ghost Piece Action with it.
[Ghost Piece Expansion] What is a Ghost Piece Action?
It is a special type of action, which lets you deconstruct a level-5 piece into smaller level-1 to level-4 pieces. The smaller pieces have to be able to form the original Ghost Piece. After that, you can put those on puzzles (up to one per puzzle).
[Ghost Piece Expansion] How do I get a Ghost Piece?
You can get Ghost Pieces from rewards on puzzles or via an Instant Level Up.
[Ghost Piece Expansion] Can I use any other pieces during the Ghost Piece Action?
[Ghost Piece Expansion] What does an arrow (and a double arrow) on a puzzle mean?
It is an Instant Level Up reward. You can upgrade a piece by one for each arrow.
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[Ghost Piece Expansion] What is an Instant Level Up?
A reward which lets you upgrade a piece by one for each arrow on a puzzle.
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[Ghost Piece Expansion] Can I use an instant Level Up on a piece I am just returning from the puzzle?
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[Ghost Piece Expansion] Can I play Project L with 6 players?
Yes, you can - just put 24 black puzzles into the black puzzle deck. But, we recommend that you play the Line Clear variant which reduces downtime.
[Ambassador Pack] What is an Ambassador Pack?
It is a mini-expansion from our Kickstarter campaign which introduces puzzles with a new reward type and a metal coin as a starting player marker.
[Ambassador Pack] How does the Ambassador Action work?
It works just like the regular Master Action, you just have to flip a puzzle in your victory point pile with an M reward on it. The Ambassador Action is also not limited to only one per round as the regular Master Action is.
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[Solo Variant] How do I choose difficulty?
By giving a different number of pieces into opponent's supply. For Standard level add 6 level-1 pieces, for Challenging level add 3 level-1 pieces for Unbeatable level add 0 pieces.
[Solo Variant] Can I take any puzzle from the 3x3 grid?
Yes, but remember that if you take a puzzle from a column in which there is a level one piece - you have to put that piece into the opponent's supply.
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[Solo Variant] What are the pieces above the columns?
They are locks which prevent the AI to take a puzzle from that column.
[Solo Variant] Whaf if there is no piece above a column?
Nothing happens in your turn, the AI will be able to take a puzzle from this column.
[Solo Variant] Does the opponent take a puzzle every turn?
The opponent tries to take a puzzle every turn. However, if there is a lock above all three columns of puzzles, the opponent does not take any puzzle. If this happens, remove one lock (piece) from every column and put it back into the reserve (not the opponent's supply).
[Solo Variant] When does the game end?
The game end beggins after the whole puzzle deck runs out. The game continues until you play one more 3-action turn followed by the opponent's turn. Then you can do Finishing Touches.
[Solo Variant] How do I win?
You need to have more points than opponent by completing puzzles. Don't forget to deduct any points for Finishing Touches and score negative points for any uncompleted puzzles in front of you (their point total)!
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[Line Clear Variant] How many black puzzles do you use during setup?
Depending on the number of players. 16 for 4 players, 20 for 5 players and 24 for 6 players.
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[Line Clear Variant] How many players can play this variant?
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[Line Clear Variant] I don't have any markers, does it matter?
No, you can use anything else. We recommend using 2 sets of 2 similiar coins.
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[Line Clear Variant] Can I take puzzles from all the rows?
No, you can only take puzzles from the rows corresponding to the color of the marker in front of you.
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[Line Clear Variant] When does the game end?
Once the black puzzle deck runs out the end game begins. Play until the first player receives both markers (do not pass them further) and then everyone can do Finishing Touches.
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How do you determine first player?
With Player Mats.
During setup each player should receive a Player Mat, one of them has a "First Player" written on it. If you don't want to use Player Mats, you can choose the First Player randomly.
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[Ambassador Pack] Do I still get the points for the used Ambassador Action puzzles?
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