During the game and at the end of the game, various effects will allow players to steal loot tokens from other players.

If a player take a dogslicer token or a Mayhem card allows a player to steal, then they select another player to steal from. That player then puts all their tokens (including the first player pickle token and the bomb token in the advanced game) into the bag and shakes them up. Without looking, the stealing player takes one token from the bag with the following potential resolutions:

- If the token is a firework, first player pickle or a bomb token (in an advanced game), the stealing goblin adds the token to their treasure pile.

- If the token is a dogslicer, the stealing goblin adds it to their treasure pile and then steals from the same player AGAIN. Yes, cascade of stealing might happen, if a player has too many dogslicer tokens.

- If the token is a shield, the token is NOT stolen.

Once the stealing is finished, the player removes their tokens from the bag and play continues with the next player taking their turn.