Each of the 10 game rounds players take the following steps:

4 loot tokens are revealed from the town's treasure pile.

If Squealy Nord tokens are revealed, a Squealy Nord card is revealed, its effect is resolved and its token is replaced with a new one, until there are no revealed and unresolved Squealy Nord tokens. Resolved Squealy Nord tokens are removed from the game.

Each player in turn order selects and take one face-up loot token or the first player pickle token, and adds it to their personal treasure pile. Taking a dogslicer token will allow players to steal a token from other.

After all players got the chance to take a loot token, any remaining ones are placed face down into the discard pile. With this the round ends.

After 10 rounds, any remaining loot tokens in the town's treadure pile are discarded and the game ends.