Gloom of Thrones

Modifier Cards


Modifier cards always have names, and one to three Self-Worth values. Most Modifiers have one or more story icons, an effect, and some flavor text. But some Modifiers omit story icons and/or effects.

Playing Modifiers is how you inflict misfortune on your own family and bring cheer to your enemies. Generally speaking, you’ll want to play Modifiers with negative Self-Worth on your own Characters and positive Self-Worth on other players’ Characters, but sometimes a card’s effect will make you want to do something else.

When you play a Modifier on a Character, stack it squarely on top of the Character you’ve chosen, and on top of any Modifiers previously played on that Character.

You can only play Modifiers on living Characters (that is, Characters without Untimely Deaths) unless a card’s effect specifically says otherwise.

Modifiers with effects affect the player who owns the Character that the Modifier was played on, and not (necessarily) the player who played the card. So if you play a card that says “Draw two cards” on another player’s Character, that player is the one who gets to draw.

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