Gloom of Thrones

Take Two Actions


On your turn, you take two actions.

An action is almost always used to play a card from your hand. How that works depends on what kind of card you choose. Generally speaking (and with some exceptions)…

Events have some immediate effect, and are then discarded.

Modifiers are stacked on top of a Character and remain there. They alter that Character’s Self-Worth score, may have additional effects as described on the card, and may bear story icons. You can play Modifier cards on anyone’s Character, as long as that Character doesn’t have an Untimely Death yet.

Untimely Deaths are played on a Character and bring that Character’s life to an end. You can only play an Untimely Death on a Character with a negative Self-Worth score. You can’t play an Untimely Death as the second action of your turn; it has to come first. The most common exception is for the player who controls the Porcelain Throne.

After taking two actions, the player whose turn it is finishes by drawing back up to five cards. Play continues clockwise around the table.

That’s it! Turns continue until one player’s whole family has died, and the game comes to a close. See “Winning the Game.”