Gloom of Thrones

Untimely Death Cards


Untimely Death cards have names, effects, and flavor text, and all share a common portrait image showing a skull with eye stones. An Untimely Death brings a Character’s tale to a close, turning a worthless living Character into a valuable dead one.

You can play Untimely Deaths on your own Characters or the Characters of others. However, there are two restrictions:

You can’t play an Untimely Death as your second turn action, unless you control the Porcelain Throne, and

You can only play Untimely Deaths on a Character with a negative Self-Worth score. (That is, the sum of all of that Character’s visible Self-Worth scores must be negative before the effects of the Untimely Death are applied. This is Gloom after all — you can’t finish a tale unless its hero is miserable!)

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