Tiny Epic Galaxies

Rogue Actions


You will take the first turn. You play your turns as usual, but the Rogue Galaxy plays by a different set of rules:

On the Rogue Galaxy’s turn, using dice noted on its current Empire level, roll one die a time. Place each onto the Control Card, and perform that action for the Rogue Galaxy. This continues until all of the Rogue Galaxy’s available dice have been activated.

By spending 1 energy and 1 culture, you can force the Rogue Galaxy to reroll a single die before it is activated. You can do this as many times as you have resources to spend.

You may follow a Rogue Galaxy’s activated die by spending 1 culture. However, if a die’s action is unusable by the Rogue Galaxy (such as a “Move a Ship” action without available ships) the die is discarded and it cannot be followed.

For increased difficulty, reroll each unusable Rogue die one time before discarding it.