Move one of your ships from its current planet or galaxy to another planet. When arriving at a planet, a ship may do one of two things:

1. Land on the Planet’s Surface

After landing a ship on a planet’s surface (standing upright), you may immediately perform the action on that planet’s card.

2. Orbit the Planet

If you choose to orbit the planet, place your ship (lying on its side) on the starting position of the card’s orbit. The symbol at the end of the track determines which action will allow you to advance the ship further along the track: Diplomacy or Economy. The first player to reach the end of the track will colonize the planet.

General Movement Rules:

When you move, you must switch planets. You cannot move from the surface to the colony track on the same planet, and vice versa.

You can have ships on both the colony track and planet surface of the same planet.

You can only have one ship on each planet’s orbit.

You can only have one ship on each planet surface.

Ships from different players can occupy the same colony track spaces or planet surfaces. If at any point during the game your ship becomes displaced, it is returned to your Galaxy Mat.

You may move from a planet back to your Galaxy Mat. Multiple ships can land on your galaxy.

You may not land on another player’s Galaxy Mat or their colonized planets.