Tiny Epic Galaxies

Utilize a Colony


Activate this die to perform either the action on your Galaxy Mat or the action on one of the planets you have colonized.

For instance, in the example on the right you can use one of the 2 planets’ actions OR the galaxy’s action.

Galaxy Mat Action:

Pay the number of resources equal to the next level of your Empire Track. This cost must be paid either entirely in energy or entirely in culture; they cannot be combined. For example, to upgrade from the second to the third space, Empire Level 3, you need to spend either 3 energy or 3 culture, not a combination.

Upgrading your empire increases the number of victory points it is worth, as indicated by the leftmost track. It also increase the number of dice and ships you can use. Immediately place a new ship into your galaxy (this ship can be used on the same turn). New dice gained are ONLY usable on your next turn. Announce your new victory point total.