Tiny Epic Galaxies

Acquire Resources


The Rogue Galaxy acquires resources just as if it were a player, except that its Galaxy Card produces both energy and culture.

At the end of its turn, if a resource marker is at max level, one (or both) of the special actions below will occur. If both special actions occur, resolve energy first then culture. These special actions cannot occur again until the end of the Rogue’s next turn.

At Max Energy - The Rogue Galaxy upgrades its Empire, advancing the Empire Token 1 space. Move the Energy Cube back to zero.

• At Max Culture - The Rogue Galaxy takes a bonus 3 actions. Clear the Control Card, and use only 3 dice, rolling each one and performing its action (since culture is maxed out, “Acquire Culture” dice are considered unusable). After all 3 actions are performed, move the Culture Cube back to zero. You cannot follow these bonus actions.