Pyramid of Pengqueen

Treasure Hunters turn


During Treasure Hunters turn they first can choose to Reset the set aside dice before their first roll, if able.

Afterwards, the Treasure Hunter player rolls all of his dice that are not showing the Mummy symbol. The Treasure Hunter may choose to re-roll their dice any number of times before choosing one for their movement, but they must always re-roll all of them.

If they are satisfied with their result, they may then choose 1 die for their movement.

A Treasure Hunter Player chooses 1 die for their movement and announces it out loud to the Mummy Player. A Treasure Hunter must always move the number of spaces shown on the chosen die. Back-tracking is allowed, but diagonal movement is not. Players may only move orthogonaļly.

Additionally, the Treasure Hunters may never enter a space occupied by the Mummy, may never end their movement in a space containing another Treasure Hunter, but they can move through spaces containing other Treasure Hunters.