One player takes on the role of the Mummy (Pengqueen), while all other players will play as the Treasure Hunters. Each Treasure Hunter must retrieve a unique set of five magical Treasures from the Pyramid.

A Treasure Hunter immediately wins the game as soon as they have retrieved all five of their Treasures.

The Mummy (Pengqueen) wins the game by catching Treasure Hunters and taking their Torch Tokens. Each time the Mummy catches a Treasure Hunter, they take one Torch Token from that player. They win as soon as they have collected a number of Torch Tokens based on the number of Treasure Hunters in the game:

2 Treasure Hunters: 4 Life Tokens (Torch Tokens);

3 Treasure Hunters: 6 Life Tokens (Torch Tokens);

4 Treasure Hunters: 7 Life Tokens (Torch Tokens);