On your turn, start by receiving the Turn Marker from the player who currently has it. If this is the first play, you can decide who goes first by spinning the card, thumb wrestle or any other house rule (e.g. last person who updated their resume).

Draw two cards from the Resource pile (Excuse and Recognition cards). There is no limit to your hand size.

If there are not enough cards in the Resource pile to draw two, you're certified experts at dodging Assignments! Shuffle the discarded Resource cards to make a new Resource pile and then draw until you have drawn two cards.

Then, turn over a card from the Assignment pile (Project and Event cards).

If there are no cards in the Assignment pile, you're really awesome at this game. Shuffle the discarded Project and Event cards to make an Assignment pile and continue play.

If the Assignment card is an Event, read the card and follow the instructions. Then draw another Assignment card.

Continue drawing Assignments until you have drawn a Project card.