Management Material

Recognition Cards


Even when you’re trying your best to avoid work, your boss always manages to praise you at the wrong time. Recognition cards are used against opponents to make it more difficult for them to excuse themselves from a project.

The Point Value located in the lower left hand corner is the level of praise the the boss has so graciously imparted onto you. Recognition cards range in value from 1 to 3. The Recognition Point Value of the Project is added to the Point Value of the Project, making it more difficult to avoid. This point value however does not add more points to a completed project. When a round of excusing is done, all spent Excuse and Recognition cards are put into the discard pile.

Recognition cards are part of the Resource deck.

Recognition cards are cumulative. These cards can be played relentlessly on any player when they are trying to excuse themselves out of a project. Recognise the good work of your friends, loved ones and even your mother, just to make sure you don’t have to do the work yourself.

When a Project is avoided or scored, any Recognition cards on it are discarded.

Keep in mind, the only time you will receive additional Recognition cards will be only when you're able to draw from the Resource deck on your turn.