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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can a Project get passed around the table?
A Whole Bunch
Once a Project hits the table and is played it will go around the table until someone completes it. Because, let’s face it…in the real world…Projects never just go away. They just shuffle around until some poor soul is unfortunate enough to actually complete it. With this in mind, in our own games we’ve seen Projects go around the table three, almost four times. It doesn’t matter that you’ve already excused yourself out of that specific Project twice before…so has everyone else. So it just keep going and going until someone is either unable to pass it on, or they just decide it’s not worth using so many Excuses to do so anymore. When the Project is finally accepted by someone, the turn ends, the marker moves to the next player and it starts all over again.
If the Project is passed to me, do I get to draw two cards from the Resource deck?
No, you may not. The only time you get Resource cards is the beginning of your turn. Since the Project belongs to someone else and they're asking you if you could do it for them you only have the excuses that are in your hand.
Do the Recognition cards also go into my completed Projects area?
No they do not. Only the completed Projects, those Recognition cards were only speed bumps in the process of completing the Project, no one cares about those.
How many cards can I have in my hand?
You can have as many as you like, I would caution you on doing so, as there are events that may pass that advantage to another player.
Who is that guy on the Recognition card?
That's Richard, your boss. We have a bio about him on our website.
Can I play more than one Excuse card on a Project?
Yes, you can. In fact not only are you able to play multiple Excuses in order to get out of a particular project…most of the time you will have no choice BUT to use more than one. If you happen to be the lucky player with a hand full of low point Excuses, you most likely will find yourself stringing your small Excuses together in a wild story of doom and gloom of how you couldn’t possibly do that particular Project. Even if you have to burn most of your hand in order to get out of a particular Project, sometimes it worth it to keep your point total low. When the turn marker comes back around you’ll start to build your hand up again, and you never know, perhaps fate will smile fondly upon you and just give you a small Project to cope with next time.
Related Rule(s)
I have excused myself for more points than the Project requires, can I bank my Excuse points for the next Project that comes?
Unfortunately not, but we’re sure it looked impressive to overkill with the perfect Excuse for the Project at hand. Some people like to play where they deliberately use higher Excuses than are really needed in order to deter Recognition cards being slid their way. However, others find it more useful to play Excuses that only add up to the Project total and then play it by ear for any sneaky Recognition that might slide in. Regardless of the preference, when that Project is passed off to the next player, all points attached to it, be that Excuses or Recognition, are sent to the discard pile.