Aalloille Sea

Playing the Game


• The first player is the one to the left from the First Officer.

• On each turn a player rolls the die, moves their boat accordingly, and then takes the action defined by the color of the space they landed on.

• Players will always take the action when their boat lands on a space, even if they have already taken another action during that turn. For example, a player's boat might be moved due to an Event Card, in which case the player will take a new action based on the color they landed on.

• Whenever a player lands on a blue or an orange space, the First Officer draws the respective card and reads it for them. The player then answers the question or acts accordingly.

• Rounds go clockwise, and the First Officer is always the player who was in turn previously (on the right side of the current player).

• Game continues, until each player has returned to their home dock.