Aalloille Sea

Gameboard's Names and Places


Additional fun trivia about the game’s locations and names.

Aalloille Sea is a clear, beautiful and active inner sea where boaters are always greeting each other.

Accident Islet has rocks so slippery that a famous painter once knocked over their easel.

Canoe River has a high flow with a lot of fish. That's why canoeists often go fishing there.

Club Oliver is known for its lively junior activities, competitions, courses, trips and summer camps.

Compass Island is a sturdy landmark, helping all boaters navigate the vibrant Aalloille Sea around it.

Fair Tail Islet is the hatching place of Lenssi the Seagull, the mascot of "Vilskettä vesillä" books.

First Officer is the captain's closest aid and takes care of navigation and leads the crew. In this game the First Officer reads the cards for everyone.

Great Strait leads to the open sea, from which oxygen rich salt water enters the shallow Aalloille Sea.

Karo’s Light is famous for its fabulous light and lantern parties. It's practically impossible to run aground near it!

Skipper is the captain of the boat, responsible for the crew, the vessel, and the spirit on board. Captain's orders must always be followed.

Leo’s Windpower generates eco energy at a minimal cost for the entire Aalloille Sea area.

Lina Marina has been named after a brave girl who got a nasty splinter under their nail from one of the dock's bollards.

Luna’s Slope offers the best spots for spy games. There are plenty of trees one can climb onto, and use binoculars to observe passing boats.

Marianne Coast is the top spot for big surfs, but so shallow many have stranded their boats there.

Oh No Stone! has caused many nasty surprises for boaters, until a sturdy North Mark was mounted next to it.

Oscar’s Sauna has the smoothest heat, paired with a relaxing hot tub. The row boat is also available for guests.

Paddle Cape is well known among divers as proof that many canoeists forget to put their electronics in a floating waterproof bag.

Saaga Beach is the favourite spot for picnics, sunbathing, swimming, playing and relaxing.

Seagull Stone is protected for waterfowl. Bird watchers will get a glimpse of new species here every year.

Shortcut Shallow was already known among smugglers. Treasures can still be found in its depths.

Sisu’s Shallow once caused an unfortunate cancellation of sailing for a boating guide. It took quite a while to get their boat off and back into action.

Sonja’s Dock services, washes, maintains and fixes boats. It also offers over-winter docking.

Tailwind Peak was the training ground for Lenssi the Seagull, and where it finally mastered the art of flying.

Water Bustling Bay gets busy when the local boating club has their annual sailing competition, better known as regatta.

Wave Breaker Rocks seethe of white foam when the wild massive waves crash straight onto them.