Aalloille Sea

Game Setup


1. Unfold the gameboard into the middle of the play area.

2. Shuffle Question cards and Events cards in their respective decks. Organize Dock Cards from 1 to 5 so that card number 1 is on top. Place the decks onto their corresponding spots on the left of the gameboard.

3. Each player chooses a boat and a home dock, and places their boat onto the gray spot on their home dock. There can be only one player in each dock.

4. Players roll the die, and the smallest number will be the initial First Officer. First Officer's duty is to make sure that each player has prepared for the upcoming boating accordingly. First Officer reads out the below checklist item-by-item and players respond when they have taken care of each item:

a. Have you checked the weather forecast?

b. Have you informed your parents or other close-by people about your plans?

c. Have you put on your life vest?

d. Have you checked the condition of your boat, and proper navigation equipment; sea chart and compass.

e. Have you checked your personal gear and that you have enough food and drink for the journey?

f. Have sail boat captains rigged their boats so that ropes and sails are ready for setting sail?

g. Have motor boat captains checked that they have enough fuel and opened the gas tank air vent, or checked that they have enough charge on their batteries?

h. Does the outboard motor have the emergency plug set and connected to the operator so that the motor will turn off in case the operator falls, or goes overboard.

The completed setup will look something like this.