Big Monster

Which medals to choose for a team game?

Place the board on the team side. Take the permanent medals (Desert Monster, Rune Monsters and Penalty) and find their location on the board. Form a first pyramid with the desert monster medals by placing the 2 team medals at the base and the individual medal at the top. Do the same with the 3 monsters runes medals. Then place the 2 penalty medals on top of each other on the mid-runes mid-desert location. Then complete the remaining 2 pyramid locations by choosing the type of medals that match the type of landscape. For one of the locations you can choose the Big Monster medals, the medals meadows / swamps or finally the medals 5/7 different terrains. For the last location you can choose the medals lava, the medals ice or finally the medals 5/7 different terrains. The 5/7 field medals are medals that go on any field outside the permanent medal fields. There are more medals than necessary to offer variety in your games.
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