Walls of York

Closing the City


At the end of each turn, any player can declare his/her city enclosed by:

Choosing a row of consecutive Wall Pieces that form a closed perimeter.

Making sure that within the selected perimeter there are at least all the buildings indicated by the King's Decree. If this is not the case, the player must continue building his/her own city.

Excess Wall Pieces outside and inside the city perimeter must be removed from the boards and returned to the reserve.

All lots within the city perimeter need to have at least one free narrow street connecting them to the rest of the city.

Those who declare their city enclosed will no longer be able to place Wall Pieces during the current round. When the other players toss the Building Die to place the Wall Pieces, all those who have already closed their city immediately collect the Coins indicated on the face of the die, taking them from the supply.

This phase ends when all players have declared their city enclosed: calculate each city's score, after which the invasion will take place.