Walls of York

Player Boards Setup


Every player takes 4 Frame Pieces and creates a frame in front of him/her. Everyone also takes 4 different District Tiles. Every District Tile has a different colored gem in the middle. Each player must take one District Tile of each gem type.

Before starting the game, all players assemble their board together. Every player's board should present the same District Tiles arrangement, so every board must be assembled following the same steps.

In order, each player picks up one District Tile type and chooses freely its arrangement in the four available spaces inside the frame. The direction of the gem's arrow indicates the Tile direction and the color of the arrow (black or white) indicates the Tile's side (front or back). All the other players place the same type of District Tile in the same space, in the same direction and on the same side in their frames. The next player continues until all the boards are completed.