Fidget Factory



After the entrepreneurial renaissance of the mid-21st century, unique and exciting ideas were introduced to the public at breakneck speeds. Struggling to keep up with the economic boom, startups were increasingly hard-pressed to find vacant factory space in which to manufacture their products.

Fortunately, you and your co-founders were not content to let dwindling real estate stop you from bringing your invention to the world. If you couldn’t find a manufacturing facility on earth, you’d have to make other plans. After being accepted into a pilot program for daring inventors, your startup was granted the use of the first in a wave of experimental outer-atmosphere production ships.

Little did you know that taking your operations to space would not mark the end of your company’s challenges...

At the heart of your production ship is the TaskMaster 3000, which will guide you in your efforts to bring your idea, Fidget Cube, to life. Careful, though, as this curious machine can only continue to operate if supplied with enough coffee.

On top of maintaining your coffee reserves, you’ll be faced with rapidly ramping up operations to meet the sudden demand for Fidget Cube. Additionally, you’ll need to navigate constantly changing roles within your team as you rotate through wearing new hats. And last, but not least, an alien species of trolls has been alerted to your ship’s presence, and they seem to have an appetite for caffeine…

Good luck!