Fidget Factory

End Your Turn


Put On A Different Hat

If you do not complete a task on your turn, you must exchange your Hat with one of the two Hats in the middle of the table (in order to finish manufacturing Fidget Cube, you’ll need to remain productive - maybe you’ll be better suited in a different role!).

During the cleanup phase, you MUST* do two things:

1) Put all of the dice you rolled, including the Fidget Cube, back on the game board in the designated area.

2) Flip a new Task from the Task Deck and place it in the matching spot for its type. Trolls have a symbol on them that tells you which Task spot they occupy.

a) If the matching spot for a Task already has a Task in it, then put the new Task in one of the “overflow” spots. If all three “overflow” spots are full, set the new Task aside and lose one Coffee Token. If you lose your last Coffee Token, you lose the game!

*Sometimes your Hat will tell you that you can’t do something, or make you do it in a different way. If a Hat conflicts with the game rules, always do what the Hat says.