Fidget Factory

Setting Up Fidget Factory


1. Put the board on the table, put the Coffee Tokens on the coffee tank space on the board.

2. Randomly deal a Hat to each player, then put two Hats in their spots on the board.

3. Place all 6 Fidget Cube Die Sides in their spots on the right side of the board.

4. Place the Fidget Cube and the 5 Dice in their spot on the board (on the TaskMaster 3000 logo).

5. Set a timer equal to one minute per player (3 minutes in a 3-player game, etc.)

6. Shuffle the Task Cards deck, put the deck on the TaskMaster 3000, then flip over three Task Cards and place them in their matching locations.

7. The game begins with the player who last bought something online. Give that player the Fidget Cube Die. Start the timer and go!