Fidget Factory

Complete Tasks/Defeat Trolls (Optional)


Once you’ve accepted your dice roll, you can begin to spend those dice to complete Tasks in the assembly line. When you complete a Task, you’ll take the Task Card and put it next to you on the table. You’ll be able to spend these later (see below).

To complete a Task, you must have symbols on your dice matching the symbols on the top-left corner of the task. For instance, if a task calls for 1 Time and 1 Cash, you have to have at least 1 Time and 1 Cash showing on your dice.

You’re allowed to complete as many Tasks as you can on your turn. You can “split up” your dice, using a result of “1 Time and 1 Cash” to spend 1 Time on one Task and 1 Cash on a different Task.


When Trolls are revealed from the deck, they’re placed onto the board in the space that matches their “type”. Trolls cost any combination of 3 Time/Cash to complete. Trolls will “capture” dice when they come out (see below). When you complete a Troll Task, return the previously-captured (now liberated!) die to the Taskmaster 3000 area of the board.

Buy a Fidget Cube Side

After completing Tasks, you may spend 3 Tasks of the same kind (Trolls count as any type) to purchase one Fidget Cube Side. Quickly slip that new side into any of the unfinished sides of the Fidget Cube Die!

For the rest of the game the Fidget Cube will give a better result when that side is rolled!