The Resistance

2. Determine player affiliations


1. Give each player a set of two vote tokens, one approve and one reject.

2. Randomly select a player and give that player the leader token. This player will be the leader at the start of the game.

(If you are using the inquisitor variant, give the inquisitor token to the player on the leader's right.)

3. Shuffle a number of character cards. The number of cards depends on the number of players, as follows:

5 players: 3 resistance, 2 spies

6 players: 4 resistance, 2 spies

7 players: 4 resistance, 3 spies

8 players: 5 resistance, 3 spies

9 players: 6 resistance, 3 spies

10 players: 6 resistance, 4 spies

4. Deal one character card face-down to each player. This assigns an affiliation to each player (either spy or resistance). Players look at their own cards, but keep them secret.

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