The Red Cathedral

Activate a Workshop Tile


If the player has a Workshop tile assigned to their Workshop that matches the die they moved this turn, they may immediately obtain the benefit shown on that tile.

When this player moves the blue die, they can also receive resources from the space the red die is located in at that moment (2 lumber, in this case). If they move the yellow die, they gain 1 .

Some Workshop tiles provide resources, while others show one of the five dice colors. When you activate a Workshop tile that shows a die, you gain the resources shown on the Resource tile next to the space that die is sitting in. You only get these resources once, regardless of the number of dice in that space.

The White Workshop space on each player’s Workshop board has two spaces where Workshop tiles can be placed. If a player moves the white die on the Market board and has two tiles assigned to it in their Workshop, they may only choose one of the two to activate that turn (you cannot use both).

Remember: After completing your actions in the Market, you must roll all of the dice in the space you landed on.