The Red Cathedral

A Player's Turn


During their turn, the player must carry out one of these 3 basic actions:

Claim a Cathedral Section

Build sections of the Cathedral

Acquire Resources from the market

In addition, at any moment during their turn, a player may decide to execute any of these two optional actions:

Lose Prestige Points in exchange for rubles at a rate of 1 for 2 Rubles. They move their score marker back to the previous Prestige Point space and take 2 Rubles from the general reserve. Players can repeat this optional action any number of times, but they can only use it at a single moment of the turn (for example, they cannot use it before the basic action and then again after the basic action on the same turn).

Lose 1 Prestige Point in order to roll the dice from any one space on the board. Move the score marker to the previous Prestige Point space, choose one of the eight spaces on the board and re-roll all the dice there. Players can use this optional action only once per turn.

Note that when you lose Prestige Points, you must move your marker back to the previous Prestige Point Space. The 0 space of the Scoring Track is not a Prestige Point space. Therefore, you cannot lose Prestige Points until your marker has passed the first Prestige Point space.