Card Stacking


Card Stacking

When you confirm a zone card, it must be stacked together with cards of the same region. Place the newest confirmed card on top. Only the effect of the uppermost card in each stack will be shown and available to use; All cards underneath will have their effect covered, but will be showing the top area, so the constituency icons and the region will be counted towards your current Votes.

If the top card of a stack is removed, the effect of the card just below will be revealed and will be available to activate (excluding Immediate effects). See Effect timing on page 3 for details.
Ignore effects.

Example: Card stacking

You have confirmed Tung Lung Chau, which belongs to New Territories East region, to your Office.

You already have a New Territories East zone card Tai Wai stacked in your Office, so you must stack Tung Lung Chau on top of it, showing only the zone name and constituency icons.

You cannot use the Permanent effect on Tai Wai since it is covered.

The tourism, heritage and landscape symbols are still available to be counted towards your Votes.